Who is The Foodgician?

Lenka Mudimbi, certified nutrition expert and orthomolecular therapist:

I have devoted my passion to exploring the relation between what we eat and how it affects us on a biochemical, mental, emotional and on a spiritual level. Food to me is art, a functional one. My goal is to create a masterpiece with everyone who is willing to join me on this journey of exploring our taste buds and become the masters of their own health.

Stefan Roef, professional football player:

To me, life is a search for balance between the 3 elements of our-self: mind, body, spirit. Going through multiple long term injuries early in my career, I’ve learned not to take any of those for granted. Righteous food choices have helped me grow both on and off the field and I would like to share this process with others.

Why did we start The Foodgician?

Our body is a ​complex organic system​. ​The Foodgician ​is founded to introduce you to the magical journey food can take you on and guide you through the fascinating ​interplays it has with our body. We bet you’ve heard this one before: y​ou are what you eat​. We are here to confirm this saying and show you why this still holds as a solid truth.

Our ultimate purpose is to ​advise and ​energize you on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and recreate a basic ​awareness​ of the food we consume.

What health ideology do we follow?

Our ideology has been inspired by the ​holistic sciences.​ We as humans are not solely our biological existence. Strongly influenced by our environment, we are also what moves us emotionally​ and keeps us busy ​mentally.​ Therefore, we tr​EAT​ each individual holistically.

What food ideology do we follow?

It’s fascinating how we as humans have a huge necessity to categorize every single thing in life. We try to avoid this labeling habit as much as possible. To our opinion, labeling makes us think within a box and drags people down into a very rigid grid. Food today has been categorized in such manner, making it difficult to pin down healthy on any of those labels out there. Vegetarian, vegan, fruitarian, etc.

None of these really fit how each individual should eat. We believe in a personal balanced diet. Balance is one of life’s most difficult challenges and therefore also our biggest treasure when we reach it.